Who are we?

Maadhyama Aneka is a media house of content producers, content providers, content consultants, and more. Any and all media are our platform and content and usability are our core focus. We specialize in content customized for Print, Radio/Audio, Visual media such as television, online/digital, standalone videos, images, and info-graphics. We offer content for other media and corporate companies too. We provide consultation services for content-related strategies for businesses, individuals, and organizations.

What we do?

The media house of Maadhyama Aneka aims to produce entertainment features and information content for Kannada and English speaking audience. Short films, Web animation movies and shorts, big screen movies, and other media content for big and small screen, print, television, as well as online or digital platforms are our specialty formats.

We specialize in TV documentaries/magazines, music films, and corporate films. We are a team of talented and experienced professionals who aim to achieve the very best results on time and within our clients’ budget.

We are a diversified company, into all sub-sectors of media and entertainment industry, including film, television, radio, publishing, mobile, internet media, recorded music, advertising, and other diversified media.

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